Suits 2018 (Japan Drama) Episode 5

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Suits 2018 (Japan Drama) スーツ – Kai Shogo (Oda Yuji) is a hotshot lawyer who belongs to Yukimura Uesugi, one of Japan’s four large law firms which is headed by Yukimura Chika (Suzuki Honami). He is a sharp but very arrogant man who studied at Harvard University after enrolling in Tokyo University. Kai is primarily in charge of lucrative cases such as corporate acquisitions, mergers and strategic alliances, and a promotion to senior partner is within reach. Worried about Kai’s extreme win-at-all-costs mentality, his boss proposes that he team up with a young lawyer as a condition for his promotion. Kai accepts this condition and conducts interviews to hire a rookie lawyer. That is when Suzuki Daiki (Nakajima Yuto) arrives. Suzuki is a smart young man with a photographic memory. But he lives the life of a part-timer under the influence of bad company, and earns a living by as a substitute test taker for all sorts of industries. Genres:Comedy, Law, Drama. Also Known as Sutsu . Watch Suits (Japan Drama) Ep 5 Eng Sub online.

The following Suits 2018 (Japan Drama) Ep 5 Eng Sub has been released.Enjoy!!.

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